Web Series Adaptations- Structural Analysis

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I love web series. And this isn’t the first time I’ve said as much.
In particular, I love web series that are literary adaptations, because due to budgets and copyright laws, literary web series have to be particularly inventive in bringing classic stories to modern day, making them relatable to internet audiences. 
This post is going to be a brief structural analysis of what, in my view, should be considered in a web series adaptation. (Based on series I’ve seen from beginning to end/most recent episode).
  1. Initial conceit (or, why does this character have a blog?)
  2. Audience acknowledgement & interaction
  3. How are other perspectives integrated?
  4. Inventiveness (with camera stuff, settings, etc.)
  5. Quality of Adaptation (modernization of problematic elements, captured the spirit of the original)

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