Agent Carter Season 2: Feminism and Women’s Choice

Happy International Women’s Day! What better to celebrate than by discussing awesome female characters?

It’s been a week since Agent Carter wrapped Season 2. While Agent Carter’s second season garnered both applause and criticism from fans, there were certain discrepancies in the fandom reactions that I found a little surprising.

Namely, reactions to Peggy’s origin story in 2×04 “Smoke and Mirrors,” Ana Jarvis’s fate and character reactions to it in 2×08-09, “The Edge of Mystery” and “A Little Song and Dance”, and the general love triangles seen throughout this season in the form of Jason/Peggy/Sousa and Peggy/Sousa/Violet. A lot of the negative reactions had to do with how… not-so-feminist the writing choices were perceived to be, for a show that claims to be so.

I gave this some immense thought, and I think there is an alternative way at looking at these plot choices that does fall in line with the feminist aims of the show. Namely, the fact that these all come down to a question of choice for the characters.

Choice is the key word here. Because the conversation about feminism should always be about choice, making sure all women and men of all types can choose the lives they want and have access to the resources that would make it possible with enough work.

Image: Peggy says “Now, I go to work,” hair tossing behind her as she gets in vehicle. Source.

The following contains spoilers for Agent Carter Season 2

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